Welcome back! Have a cupcake.

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There are days when you can't sleep. And there are nights when you can't sleep. But there are always times when you can't sleep. Irrespective of what time it is. Sleep or the lack of it is a wonderful constant, allowing you to bathe everything around you in much needed perspective.

It's amazing that this blog is still around. A lot has changed since then. I created it when I was18. I was younger, idealistic (comparatively) and I had more hair.

Now I am drunker, meaner and a lot less nicer. I am still as awesome but a lot more people disagree with that particular argument.

Not that it matters. It's just amusing.

Oh, well. A reminder of why this blog is still around though, is the second ever post on this blog. Labelled, "Why Hanedin?"

It reads...

"Well honestly I don't know.
It was the weird random word that I was supposed to type in to certify that I am a human and not some bot that spams people.
Hanedin. The closest word to it in the dictionary was Hang. Hang the act of suspension, the process in which all thoughts seem to develop. As they are suspended in the self created little word of infinity.
Hanedin..Is my word..It's my name
Well one name is as good as another...
Hanedin...I chose it's meaning. The act of suspending thoughts inside a little bubble that boxes out reality and all it's distant cousins.
It's funny how all these heavy sounding words seem to have no meaning at all.

King Crimson- Epitaph

Confusion will be my epitaph.
As I crawl a cracked and broken path
If we make it we can all sit back
And laugh.
But I fear tomorrow Ill be crying,
Yes I fear tomorrow Ill be crying."

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Considering my liking for the gothic, the dark, the morbid...it's almost obvious and predictable that I will be in love with Charles Addams. Yes, Charles Addams, the creator of The Addams Family. The Addams Family played a highly significant role in my life. It taught me that I am not the only one who was fucked in the head. :D

Here's a cartoon by him. Probably one of his best works...

This just in: No one killed Jessica

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I just got this image, its probably the first image of No One Killed Jessica poster online. :) I am quite excited, looks very Tarantino!

Just Enjoy the Ride

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Stop chasing shadows
Just enjoy the ride

One of those songs, isn't it.
And the video, this video is just extra cool!

Oh, and Morcheeba literally means 'The way of the weed' or 'The way of weed'. Grammar and translation don't always go hand in hand.

What they really wanted.

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I have figured it out. I really have. The confusion, the constant nagging feeling that bothered me throughout undergrad and the past year. It all makes sense now.

I know what they really wanted!

So there was him.

And then there were...(none?)

Derrida obviously had to stick out a bit.

The Ideal Boy: Me

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Sometimes, just sometimes,  Parent's expect too much of you.

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There are days and there are days. Life I am convinced can be lived through fiction comic books I am sure, I mean if fiction comic books can be written from life. Then why not the other way around.

So for instance when you are having a bad day, and you want to kill yourself you go through the Pynchon Sandman mode and decide that there is a pattern, a plot, sink into nostalgia and dive through oceans of paranoia. That's just an example. that you need to go out for a walk into some other universe!

I think I am going to try it for a bit, should be an interesting experience. Currently, I am on Blyton, eating cake and hot chocolate. Fun!

Okay, so this is my attempt at the ideal day.